04 Mar 2010

Guest Blog: You Should Write a Book

I’m beyond pleased to introduce my editor and CEO of Expert Publishing, Inc., Sharron Stockhausen.  She recently wrapped up work on my first book and has lots of experience in the worlds of writing and publishing.  I asked her to share some words of wisdom and hope her insight will inspire you to present your best with a book.

Has anyone ever told you that you should write a book?  If so, what’s stopping you?  Some people think others have already covered the topic.  Yet, there are new books on gardening, sports, business, almost any topic every year.  Plenty has been written, but not by you!

And if you don’t think you have time, I’ll bet you can find at least 15 to 30 minutes you’re wasting every day that you could use to write your book.  If you write one page per day, you’ve got 365 pages (which is a very large book) in a year.

Some think they don’t grasp grammar or spelling well enough to write.  Editors (and even friends) can help you.  Some think writing a book is too hard.  Writing a book is work, but it’s also fun.  Find yourself a writing partner—someone who will encourage you and hold you accountable.  Work out a writing plan for when you’ll connect to share your writing progress.  Then write and follow your plan.

The next time you think that you should write a book, take the next step and begin writing.  You can share your insights through your writing.  It might even help you grow your business. 

I’m living proof that Sharron knows what she’s talking about.  She kept me on track as I wrote my first book while I was running my business.  In a couple weeks, we’ll see the published product.  Learn more from Sharron at  Send your Guest Blog requests to and now you can chat with me on Facebook at  

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