10 Sep 2016

Just Do It so You Can Just Be

At what has become a bit of an annual tradition, instead of sharing thoughts about wardrobe and image, I take a different approach. Asking that you take time to just do it. Carve out time in your busy schedule to do something for yourself and those close to you. For me, that involves sports and unique spaces, and preferably a martini at some point. Mind you, I’m not playing those sports but watching, with social elements close at hand.

This year is the third year in a row I attended the US Open in New York with one of my best friends from college. During quarterfinal matches Sept 6th, we chatted about how we look forward to this day each year not only for the great tennis, but also for the time we get to spend together and just be. We reflected on the blessings in our own lives and the general positive energy in the air. It’s truly a gift we can take this entire day to soak in the atmosphere. Though neither of us boasts any true tennis skills, we enjoy watching the best of the best go at it. And we see how even in defeat, players respect their opponent and show layers of grace and professionalism.

We hope everyone can experience the US Open at least once in their lives. If that doesn’t come to pass, try taking some stretches of time to just be. Do what you want to do with whomever you want next to you. The result is priceless.

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