20 Mar 2017

Small Business Wins and Learnings

Every small business owner runs into mind and roadblocks along the way. No reason to get frustrated. You can empower yourself. I’m thrilled to be the emcee and panel moderator for Seattle Biz Talk by Dex Media on March 21. Would love to see you there. If you aren’t in the Seattle area, a few zones of coverage by the speakers are ones you should care about even if you aren’t with us.

Topics are ones every small business owner needs to remain mindful of and proactive about throughout your journey: time management, social media marketing, digital presence, personal brand, strategy. The list goes on, but these are a few we’ll tackle in Seattle. The best thing you can do for yourself is to take a little time this spring to ask whether your 2017 strategy is on track. Depending on the answer, analyze how your marketing moves are helping or hurting the strategy and overall vision for your brand.

Give yourself license to take what I call “green space.” This is refresh time that every business owner needs. Whether going for a walk in the park, having a chai tea latte or spending quality time with a family member or friend, regular green space goes a long way to maximize the ever-growing to-do list of a business owner. I’ve adopted the adage, “There are only wins and learnings.” Assess and learn from any setback. Definitely celebrate the wins. Dare to WOW!

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