09 Jun 2017

What You Can Learn from Basketball Coach Richard Pitino

I coach my executive clients and others to leave the notes behind when they find themselves at a podium or in front of any group. My reasoning: Why do you need notes? You’re sharing information about which you likely know more than anyone listening to you. Of course for some more formal situations, I’m not entirely opposed to a script, but eye contact is a must.

On the morning of June 8th, I was pleasantly surprised to find the University of Minnesota Men’s Basketball Coach, Richard Pitino, at the podium of Twin Cities Dunkers with no notes. Or if he had them, they were well hidden. The next 25-30 minutes showcased a flow of content and expertise that I’d rate a 10. Wish I had his keynote on tape to show you here. You, too, can present like Pitino by keeping a few things in mind:

1) Drop the Notes
2) Visualize you are having a conversation with your audience vs. giving a speech
3) Smile and have fun–knowing you are a subject-matter expert

For tips about how to look visually great while you’re at it, check out this WOW! List I did for C-Level Magazine

Here’s hoping you shoot for BIG wins.

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