News & Views w/Roshini Rajkumar

5-Year Anniversary Show & Celebration

When I was a TV news reporter, I fell in love with talk radio after getting asked to join sister radio stations in my various markets to talk about sweeps or guest host from time to time. So when I started my business in 2006, part of my vision was to have my own radio show one day. Didn’t exactly know how that would come about. But it did happen in a stream of events no one could predict. News & Views with Roshini Rajkumar came to be in August 2012. What a journey these five years! On September 10th,…

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You Think No One’s Looking

Another half marathon ahead of me, another lament I haven’t done enough.  So this morning marked the day I was…

We are ALL Hokies

Seems like most of the “big” events on campuses happened in the near and distant past:  Kent State, Minnesota’s Red…

WILD about my team

Now’s the time to get tough, get strong, get WILD.  If you aren’t a hockey fan, try to become one…at…

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