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Tip of the Day: Silence

Thursday, March 29th, 2012

I was reminded the other day about the power of silence. Not every moment needs to be filled with words. Sometimes the most powerful way to communicate is to give your listener or audience a moment of quiet. Used with calm and intention, silence can be powerful.

Here’s to your WOW!

Dancing With the Stars and YOU

Monday, March 19th, 2012

As any good fan of Dancing With the Stars knows, season 14 premieres on Monday, March 19. This highly-anticipated event is both fun and instructive.

I was recently asked by a client what kinds of performances I study for my own speaking as well as to better coach my clients. DWTS is at the top of my list. Key things to observe: poise under pressure, form, and that personal flair. When you watch these dancing pros and their celebrity partners dance, you are looking at style, progress, as well as their capacity to perform in front of an audience. These are all vital parts of any communication endeavor.

So study away. Whether it’s DWTS you prefer, your favorite sports events, or a musical performance. All of these scenarios provide valuable insight into dynamic presentation moments. Here’s to your WOW!

Guest Blog: Presenting Your Home

Monday, March 5th, 2012

Diane Keyes is one of the country’s premiere staging professionals and the author of This Sold House, an award-winning staging book. This month she shares sage advice for a successful sale of your home.

Because 90% of home buyers find their homes online, photos powerfully communicate the condition and desirability of your home. What looks good in person is not necessarily what looks best in photos. Staging is far more about psychology than about decorating. Think of your home like any merchandise on a store shelf. Buyers choose the most attractive product and the one that appears to be the best value.

Your house will look best when each room appears spacious, light, impersonal, and clean. As Roshini often says, “Less is more.” Fewer furnishings, knick-knacks, and colors make photos easier to look at and keep viewers from becoming overwhelmed by details.

Photos make all the difference. If buyers don’t like them, they won’t come and if they don’t come, you simply cannot sell your home. The key? Elbow grease, a storage unit, and a professional photographer with a wide-angle lens.

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