Time to Ditch the Elevator Pitch

elevator-358249_1280If you’re an entrepreneur, you may think an elevator pitch is your best friend. You may not have a lot of time to explain your concept to the media, a VC or anyone for that matter. You’d better be able to condense your business concept into a script that can be recited in a minute or two, right?

What I say is NOT right! Here’s the main problem. Unless you’re speed pitching yourself for a date, fitting a value premise into a tidy little sound bite can really hurt you in the long run.

Somewhere along the line businesspeople decided elevator pitches were necessary for everything. It’s no longer just a case of being able to wow a potential investor in 60 seconds at a cocktail party. Now having an elevator pitch for every idea, product or service is a common practice. Job seekers even develop elevator pitches to sum up their skills and experience. In fact, by focusing so much on how to quickly sum up who you are and what you do, you’re missing out on the greater opportunity – storytelling. Telling a compelling story about your business will win more interest over time than any elevator pitch ever could.

We’re losing sight of the fact that since the dawn of time, people have always loved a good story. In today’s business world we live and die by speed. We obsess over whether our websites will pass the blink test. And, we torture ourselves to sum everything up in an elevator pitch. Here’s my advice: Read the rest of this entry »

Update your business bio

Your business bio speaks volumes, so make it work for you. In my Twin Cities Business column this month I write about your internal and external bio, and how much a business bio contributes to a strong first…and LAST impression. Visit TCBMag.com here for the complete article. 

Shh – it’s your (powerful) little secret

There's a reason Superman wore red underwear!

There’s a reason Superman wore red underwear!

I often talk about purple as a power color,  and how wearing purple helps develop a stronger presence. Another color that is one of my personal favorites is RED.  And it’s not just my opinion of course.  According to the ancient practice of Feng Shui, wearing red makes you feel good – it’s a lucky color, and it’s a color that helps you stand out from the crowd. But there are a

number of reasons people shy away from red in the corporate world. A woman might worry a bright red suit is not the most appropriate attire for a high-stakes presentation. A man might be concerned he just doesn’t look good in a red tie. So what do you do if the occasion isn’t right for red? What if red is your power color, the color in your wardrobe that boosts your confidence and translates to a stronger personal presence?

The answer, my friends, is quite easy. Wear a pair of vivid, power-charging red underwear!

I talk a lot about what the things we wear convey about us and how they affect our message. For the most part, I’m referring to your outward appearance and the clothes and accessories the rest of the world sees. But you can still give yourself a psychological boost by wearing underwear that gives you that added lift…and I’m not talking about a push-up bra. I mean a lift in spirits, a strengthened confidence and an enhanced personal presence. Read the rest of this entry »

Own Your WOW!™ – the Ted talk

On October 11th, 2014 Roshini delivered Own Your WOW! . a Ted talk. Listen as Roshini describes what makes icons like Emeril Lagasse, Patti Labelle, Arianna Huffington, Malala Yousafzai and even Mickey Mouse “own their wow,”  and how you can too. 

Poltergeists, panty lines and other scary things

You might think underwear is a personal subject, but when you’re inadvertently displaying it at the office, professional events or anywhere else, your lingerie becomes a lot less private – and has a lot more influence on your lasting impression.

From a fashion perspective, most professional women know the basic “dos and don’ts.” Don’t wear tight pants, or low-cut blouses, or anything that’s ill-fitting. But most of all, don’t show us your panty lines! They’re not attractive, we all know that. But there’s the real problem with panty lines.  They actually make such a bad impression they  affect your personal presence, and perhaps even your career. Here’s why:

  • Panty lines might convey that you’re not detail-oriented. If you don’t notice that the whole world can see the outline of your underwear through your pants or skirt, what does that say about how much care you put into your personal appearance?
  • Your “rear view” (for lack of a better word) is often the last thing people see. When you walk away, what is the lasting impression as people watch you go? Will they remember those articulate answers you gave during the job interview, or that you had panty lines?
  • Panty lines might mean to someone else that you don’t know how to dress for work. You think they could hinder that promotion you’re after? You bet your panty lined ass they could!

If you’re an habitual panty liner, you may be at a loss for a solution to the problem. I’ve got some quick advice for you: Read the rest of this entry »